Vesta, a major Norwegian insurance company, wanted to optimise their internet solution. Core requirements were better navigation, a response handling system, a helpdesk and a publishing system that enabled them to update the system themselves.

They also wanted the facility to make their sites dynamic, recognising the URL logging in. Users would then be presented with the optimum pages for their company or organisation. Furthermore, it was important to Vesta that the pages reflected their corporate brand and policy of focusing on security and simplicity for their customers.

By dividing the site into three equal parts, nesthood delivered a solution that made a point of simplicity. The Insure? Save? Loan? solution was greeted with enthusiasm by Vesta themselves as well as by their customers, making the site easy to navigate. In addition, nesthood implemented a system for dynamic site presentation, based on recognition of the URLs logging in.

Thanks to nesthoods integrated HelpDesk system, all web enquiries for Vesta are now handled by one application. This ensures a minimum of administration. The system also ensures that each individual is immediately connected to the right person for handling his/her enquiry. Vesta also employed DigiMaker by nesthood for updates on their site.
Services provided:
-Strategic consultation
-Graphical profile
-Development of an in-house HelpDesk system
-Publishing system (DigiMaker by nesthood)