StorbyGuiden wanted a simpler interface, together with more search alternatives adjusted towards their existing database. They also wanted to produce a CD-Rom to support their Internet service. Being part of a business with sharp competition, it is important to StorbyGuiden that the first impression as well as the user friendliness is inviting.

Together with our customer we chose to build a multimedia system, integrating both the Internet service, as well as the CD-Rom option. Both media are using the Internet interface set up for the customer. StorbyGuiden’s database and static advertising are part of the Internet solution, while heavier advertising like film, animation and sound files are part of the CD-Rom. In addition the CD-Rom contains detailed maps with both zoom and panoramic features. It is of course possible to use the Internet service without having the CD-Rom available.
Services provided:
  • Strategic consultation
  • Graphical profile
  • Database applications
  • Visual applications