Norways largest music record distributor wanted to automatize their order system by publishing their product line on the Internet. They also wanted to make it an opportunity for their customers (the record dealers) to make all orders online via the Internet. The ability to update their homepages and their product catalog themselves, was important to OneStop. With this ability they would be able to publish new record titles, new images and news in general on a day to day basis.

nesthood implemented a password protected Extranet solution. The Extranet, among other specifications, contains a database shopping cart function containing more than 250 000 titles.
By also implementing DigiMaker, an on line publishing system developed by nesthood, OneStop may update all functions of the webshop themselves. This feature includes the customer database, the password register, the article database and the news section. In addition DigiMaker has an editor function, giving OneStop ability to edit pictures, graphics and text in general.
OneStop comments on the solution:
“In our business, where updates and news are coming in by the hour, the editor implemented in DigiMaker has become a tool we can hardly do without. From our view, the fact that the editor is fast and reliable, is just as important as the visible results it provides. Last, but not least, the editor turns our web site in to a self service site. With regard to other solutions often in use by other companies, this solution is highly effective, and more important: It´s cost effective.”

Services provided:

  • Strategic consultation
  • Graphical profile
  • Technical development of sales system
  • Publishing system (DigiMaker by nesthood)