Few countries, if any, have a population more dedicated to their royal family than Norway. In return, the Royal House wanted to offer the public greater openness.

By using the internet, it was possible to give the public an insight into the Royal House, its work, its possessions and its history. The ability to present activities, press releases, speeches, duties and a look at years gone by was Emphasised.
On the basis of the Royal House’s requirements, nesthood developed a web-based publishing tool containing time and date settings for the current interest section. Speeches are presented in writing and as video streams. Properties, both indoor and outdoor, are presented in 360-degree pan shots. This feature also includes a zoom function. History is presented in text and images, and there is an interactive family tree provided. Finally, a response feature is enabled.
Services provided:
  • Graphical solution
  • Visualization solutions
  • Publishing solutions
  • Video and streaming features
  • Server space