Hallo.dk wished to sell mobile and cordless telephones plus accessories directly to customers on the Internet.

Their goal was to create a full service webshop providing maximum product information and day-to-day delivery offering top brands like Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens, Philips, Motorola and many others.

nesthood provided a complete shop with credit card payment facilities, and a solid database foundation storing all product information.

Hallo.dk’s staff keeps the shop up-to-date themselves via a user-friendly interface, and any changes they make, e.g. new products or prices, are instantly reflected on the web.
The staff also has full control over the booking of advertising space on the site. All texts are updated via the interface as well, which is not only practical in view of the daily maintenance, but it also makes it easy for hallo.dk to make an international version of the site, should they wish to do so in the future.
The provided solution keeps the customer in focus, in the sense that all pages are created specifically for the individual customer, based on the choices he makes on his way through the shop. Using customer profiles, the pages become even more personal on later visits, as choices and purchases are stored. This makes it possible to offer the customer accessories to previously bought products. Should a customer choose to leave the shop, before making a purchase, his shopping cart is stored for a week and displayed if he should change his mind and return.
All orders from the shop are stored in the database and approved manually, after which they are ready for print, transfer to hallo.dk’s accounting system etc.Services provided:
· Oracle database platform
· NBS payment solution
· Webdesign
· Strategic market development and sparring
· Domain name registration
· Catalog advanced E-business platform
· Digital packshots

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