BØRNELIV (Childrens’ Life) is a campaign initiated by the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs with the purpose of studying childrens’ values in modern society – what is really important to children today in their everyday lives? The Ministry wished to use the Internet as an additional information and feedback channel supplementing the printed campaign material (brochures and various questionnaires, as well as a specially designed board game). In addition, the Internet is used as a collective forum for debate among and between parents, teachers, children and the Ministry.
Website criteria:

  • Security – High level of data security and site stability
  • Design – site must be considered both serious/objective by adults and fun/exciting by children
  • Free text data – motivate users to write committed answers in free text form anonymously on the Internet.
  • Dynamic – easy to update and maintain webpages
  • Anonymity – no links between personal data submitted to the site and anonymous answers.


Nesthood recommended a websolution that would support the campaign in several fields:

  • Separate debate forums for children and adults.
  • Animated on-line version of the BØRNELIV board game as  traffic booster and additional data source.
  • Order forms for printed campaign material
  • Online questionnaires for feedback or print
  • Dynamic posting of results from the campaign, news and PR material
  • Advanced administration module for updating webpages, administering debate forums and handling data material.

One of the major challenges was transforming the board game to a web-based version that would be exciting and challenging enough to motivate the children to write serious comments in free text form. Nesthood recommended creating an animated cartoon world, where a group of young characters play out various scenarios, during which they pose questions directly to the children behind the screen. This solution has proven highly successful, as the young users provide earnest and well reflected answers, adding a valuable supplement to the campaign data material.