Aktiv24 wants to be Norway’s lowest priced insurance company. To achieve this goal, they focus on implementing high-end technological solutions.

In turn, the customer will benefit through increased efficiency and competitive pricing. Aktiv was the first Norwegian insurance company to launch a call centre in preference to travelling agents. Looking further ahead, the company foresaw the potential of the internet and the enormous possibilities it offers for automated sales systems and increasingly user-friendly solutions.
nesthood developed Scandinavia´s first internet solution for calculating and buying insurance online. The solution aims at making insurance a more easily understood product, and to make it a customer decision when and where to enquire about and possibly buy insurance services.
For those wanting to combine the offer available on the internet with the personal services of an insurance agent, there is also a solution. A callback function is enabled for such purposes. Since the start, a growing number of people have chosen to buy their insurance services online.
The media have praised the new service, which has been mentioned extensively both in newspapers and on TV. The Aktiv24 site is increasing its hit status from day to day. Building the system from scratch, Nesthood has gained confidence and recognition in the overall insurance market. As a result, we are now the number one online insurance solution provider in Scandinavia.
Services provided:
·         Strategic consultation
·         Graphical profile
·         Technical development of sales systems
·         Publishing system (DigiMaker by nesthood)
·         Domain registration (NettNavn by nesthood)