The project Norway2030, sponsored by Arbeids- og Administrasjonsdepartementet (the Norwegian Ministry of Employment and Administrative Affairs), wanted to use internet technology to achieve its goal: to devise five visions of the future regarding the role and function of government, in the widest sense of the word, in the years up to 2030.

In addition, the sponsors wanted to present the project to the rest of the world via the internet. The ministry also wanted to set up a closed discussion forum for the project participants, many of whom are well-known names in Norwegian politics and business.
nesthood developed an internet-based project tool, with an integrated document file and an internet presentation as part of the package delivered. The project tool was developed bearing in mind that all project participants should be able to use it as an effective work tool. For this reason, it is equipped with a very user-friendly interface. The ministry is able to administer and edit the pages of the site using nesthood´s DigiMaker publishing tool.
Services provided:
Strategic consultation
Graphical profile
Technical development of the project tools
Publishing system (DigiMaker by nesthood)
Domain registration (NettNavn by nesthood)
System training